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Lawyer Resources

Lawyer Resources

We are committed to facilitating a coordinated effort across Canada and beyond the border as thousands of lawyers around the world come together to fight the ban. The following resources will help you get oriented to the issue and will support information gathering and legal support provision.* 

Community Outreach Resources

  1. A checklist for how to conduct community outreach;
  2. A Community Advisory: What you Should Know about the New Muslim Ban, from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, California Chapter, current as of September 24, 2017. 
  3. The September 24, 2017 Presidential Proclamation.
  4. Documents to collect information from travellers affected by the Executive Order. These standardized forms can be used to collect statements from willing volunteers who consent to provide this information for potential use in strategic litigation efforts. Legal volunteers are responsible for obtaining informed, voluntary consent and providing appropriate privacy and security protection for the completed forms. Completed forms should be submitted by email to the Coalition at;
    1. A Short-form Declaration for Travellers affected by the ban;
    2. A Long-Form Declaration designed by a collection of US organisations and the Cover Note that goes with it;
  5. Flyers that can be distributed at community centres, airports, or with other organizations:
    1. In English;
    2. In French;
  6. Model emails that can be used for outreach:
    1. In English
    2. In French
    3. In Arabic
    4. In Farsi
  7. A spreadsheet to track organizations that have been contacted. Completed forms should be submitted by email to

* Provided with thanks to the many dedicated organizations and individuals who have created and provided these resources.